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English editing of biological science papers

Cambridge Academic Manuscripts (CAM) provides an English language editing service for biology, bioscience and medical research papers and related documents.

English is the language of science, and all practicing scientists publish in English language journals. However, for scientists whose first language is not English, and particularly for those with a non-European mother tongue, it can be a serious challenge to write manuscripts to a professional standard of English. CAM removes the language problem for biologists and clinical scientists preparing manuscripts in English.

Our Chief Editor is a Professor at the University of Cambridge who has published in bioscience journals for over 30 years, and has helped many colleagues by editing the English in their research papers.

CAM now offers this language polishing and science editing service to the wider bioscience community for journal manuscripts, research papers, reviews, abstracts, theses, posters, promotional material, reports, essays etc. We will edit your document to a high standard of scientific English that will be acceptable for publication. Check this example of an edited biology manuscript.

Why use CAM?
Enquire by email or use the enquiry form. Or send us your manuscript directly to confirm a price.

Introductory offer: 33% off our regular fee for your first manuscript submission!*

*One offer per group

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