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How we edit papers

Cambridge Academic Manuscripts edits journal manuscripts and other documents (in English) for the bioscience community. After editing by CAM, your paper will not be rejected because of the quality of English. Follow this link for an example of an edited paragraph.

For a document of average length, we aim to return the edited paper within 7 working days (i.e. excluding weekends and public holidays), and can be faster than this.

Clients should note:

Please note: we may not accept a manuscript for editing if we cannot understand the text.

Manuscripts will be handled in confidence and files will be deleted if a quote is not accepted. We will archive edited manuscripts after 6 months and delete files after a further 12 months.

An editorial certificate, confirming that the manuscript has been edited by a native English speaker, can be provided for a small additional fee.

Please prepare your manuscript as follows:

This is the format we will use for estimating the editing cost.